Balloon Column : Do-It-Yourself

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A plain and empty yard can be turned into a great party place once adorned by colorful balloon decorations.  Balloon decorations are usual must-haves in every parties most especially children parties.  Balloon decorations are also considered as inexpensive yet make every party colorful and alive.

So if you’re planning a party, be it for your kids, for the school or your community fair, consider making balloon column.    Today, I will be sharing to you how I did the balloon column I made during our Kaizle’s 1st birthday party having a Tinkerbell theme.

What you will need :
  • High quality latex balloons (I chose colors green, yellow and pink for Kaizle’s balloon column.  Green because Tinkerbell’s color green, yellow because it complements the color green and pink because that’s the favorite color of every princess.)  I have round and long latex balloons.
  • I bought a hand held balloon inflator since air compressor is so expensive.
  • A sturdy base for your balloon column.
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Step by Step Guide in Making a Balloon Column :
1.    Prepare your sturdy base.   You can make one out of a PVC pipe, a bucket (size of the bucket depends on the size of your column) with some gravel on it. Cut a hole having a diameter the same as the PVC pipe.  Insert the PVC pipe into the hole and fill the bucket with gravel.   Just make sure that the PVC pipe is secure in its place.
2.    I inflated four balloons first.  Two green and two yellow.   Make sure that all balloons are of the same size.
3.     Tie the two balloons together and do the same to the remaining two balloons.  I tied the two greens together and do the same to the yellow ones.  Now, get the two pairs and twist together in order to form a cluster.  Now, the colors should be alternate.
4.     Get the balloon cluster and wrap it to the PVC pipe.  Make sure that it is secure by twisting the balloon around each other.  (Note : colors should be alternate)   Push down the cluster into the bottom of the column base.
5.     Repeat steps 2 – 4 until the column is completely filled out.  Make sure that the clusters are tightly positioned in the column frame.
6.     You can add a dash to your balloon column by tying long inflated balloons above the column.   However, this is only optional if you wish not to do it.

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Tips :
You can also try attaching ribbons into your column for a more stylish one.   Play with the colors.   I also bought a number balloon, this time it’s number 1 (since it’s our baby’s 1st).  I place the inflated number balloon on top of one of columns I made.

Any party craft ideas?  Share it with us.  We would love to hear those!


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